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The NASCAR XFINITY Series is where new talent and the sport’s top stars compete in high-profile events to prove they have what it takes to make it at the highest level of racing.

33 events at 23 tracks across the U.S. with 27 races being companion events to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

#1 Motorsports Series on ESPN2 and the #2 Motorsports Series on cable television.

Over 36 million unique viewers tuned in to the NASCAR XFINITY Series in 2014.

Despite economic pressures, NASCAR XFINITY Series races remain large events, averaging more than 50,000 attendees per race.

The NASCAR XFINITY Series was the most-viewed motorsport on television, behind only the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

Each of the events airing on network television (FOX/NBC) experienced higher viewership than the same events in 2014.

Ranked among the top 10 sporting events of the weekend on cable for 19 out of 25 weekends.

Over 200 hours of NASCAR XFINITY Series programming aired on television during the season.

NASCAR XFINITY Series race-day unique visitors (+4%), page views (+26%) and video views (+1%) all saw increases across all digital platforms year-over-year.

The NASCAR XFINITY Series saw a year-over-year increase in unique visitors on race day in 18 of 33 events this season.

The top-5 race days with the highest increases among unique visitors year-over-year were Daytona (Jul), Las Vegas, Daytona (Feb), Indianapolis, and Chicago (Jun).

An average of 140K unique users actively engaged with the content on the NASCAR Facebook page (by liking, commenting, sharing or clicking) on NASCAR XFINITY Series race days.